Terms and Conditions

Alcohol Delivery Kenya is the leading drinks delivery company in Kenya. It offers delivery services for orders of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as placed by customers over the various ordering platforms. The ordering platform options are:

  • 1. The shopping cart on Alcohol Delivery Kenya website and mobile application
  • 2. WhatsApp/ SMS/ call on the Alcohol Delivery Kenya official number 0714798820.

Deliveries of drinks within Nairobi CBD and Nairobi environs are to be done within 20 minutes while deliveries outside Nairobi are expected to reach the customer within 24 hours after dispatch from Alcohol Delivery Kenya. Alcohol Delivery Kenya is a legal enterprise and is recognized by the government of Kenya. Alcohol Delivery Kenya Limited is only involved in legal activities as dictated by the Kenyan law and shall not accept any illegal dealings.

A breakdown of Alcohol Delivery Kenya is as below :

  • Alcohol Delivery Kenya does not sell alcoholic drinks to persons under the age of 18.
  • Alcohol Delivery Kenya only deals with legit products from licensed importers, wholesalers and retailers.
  • Alcohol Delivery Kenya is not involved in manufacturing or modification of products and only focuses quality delivery services and great packaging for our clients.
  • Orders can only be canceled before delivery. That is before 15 minutes after the order is placed.
  • Payments must only be made through the official payment methods of Alcohol Delivery Kenya.
  • Only legal monies shall be accepted as mode of payment.
  • Alcohol Delivery Kenya advocates for responsible drinking and shall not be held liable for irresponsible drinking
  • In case of delivery delays and issues, Alcohol Delivery Kenya shall notify the client on the developments and arrangements to sort out the delivery.
  • Customers information is confidential and shall not be allowed to any unauthorized personnel.

As dictated by the law of Kenya, 18 years and above is the legal drinking age in Kenya. Alcohol Delivery Kenya confers with the law of Kenya and shall not knowingly sell alcohol to persons under the age of 18 years.


Alcohol Delivery Kenya advocates for responsible drinking and shall not be held liable for irresponsible drinking or damages/ incidences that could occur.

Note that excessive drinking of alcohol is harmful to your health. Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery and may cause accidents. Alcohol Delivery Kenya largely advocates for sober driving and shall not be held liable for drunk driving. It is Alcohol Delivery Kenya mission to reduce road accidents by encouraging only drinking at home by simply ordering for drinks online.


Orders are allowed to be canceled only within the first 10 minutes from the time it was placed and a call or message to notify Alcohol Delivery Kenya sent to Alcohol Delivery Kenya official number, 0714798820. In a situation where the order delivery shall delay, Alcohol Delivery Kenya will notify the customer on the developments and make arrangements for settlement of the delivery.


Payment shall only be made via Alcohol Delivery Kenya official payment methods. These are MPESA, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Cash (Kenyan Shillings, Dollars or Euros). No faux monies shall be allowed.


Alcohol Delivery Kenya offers free delivery within Nairobi CBD and 6 kilometers square from Nairobi CBD. Customers ordering for deliveries to areas above 6 kilometers from Nairobi CBD shall have to incur delivery cost as negotiated before dispatch of the product from Alcohol Delivery Kenya.


Alcohol Delivery Kenya does not offer credit services unless there is a written legal agreement.


Alcohol and its health benefits or hazards is entirely the responsibility of the customers. Alcohol Delivery Kenya Limited will only offer information on the quality of drinks in terms of age of the drink and the tasting qualities of the drink and not on the health effects that might be resultant from drinking. Alcohol Delivery Kenya Limited is however concerned for their customers well being and calls for responsible drinking and advises that customers should look for medical attention in case of abnormal reactions. It should be noted that Nairobi Drinks Limited deals with legal drinks and is only involved with licensed alcohol distributors for legal brands alone.


Alcohol Delivery Kenya works best and promises to keep the information of its customers confidential. Any information thereby provided by the customer shall not be released to any unauthorized personnel. In addition to this, receipts can only be collected or recollected by the exact persons that placed the order.


Customers are highly regarded at Alcohol Delivery Kenya and are advised to give their service feedback to Alcohol Delivery Kenya through our social networks or call/ text/ WhatsApp 0705646186. Alcohol Delivery Kenya will always work on bettering the customers experience and feedback is of great importance.

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